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As soon as you enter a weight, more info will pop up on the side or below when viewed on mobile! Feed Guider Your Dogs Weight. Is your Dog? Adult Pup Senior. Lifestyle: Overweight Normal Active Inactive.

Target for Day: 0 kg 0 kcal. Welcome to the Dogs First Food Calculator!!! First off you need the weight of your dog. All food estimates are based on this. For small to medium dogs simply stand on the scales and pick them up.

For bigger dogs you may need the scale at your vets. But even a good guess will do, unlike dry feeding fresh feeding isn't an exact science any more than it is in you. All dogs are different and Mum or Dad know best. Simply put in your dogs weight and then chose a life stage. Remember the best average dog meal is probably That's 5 parts meat on the bone or mince with bone in it, 1 part organ meat liver, kidney, heart and 1 part cooked veg green beans, peas and carrots, for example.

Unlike the first two veg isn't essential but it keeps everything flowing smoothly! You may need to tweak this recipe depending on which lifestyle you chose, but we'll give you all the notes and tips you'll need. Any problems, give us a shout.

It varies.

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One year is a good average though some giant breeds take much longer, smaller breeds can be adult by 10months. Google your breed. If your dog is lying up for a health reason please check out our health section or he has simply not been getting the walks he deserves ahem! FEED Give inactive dogs the same as an adult dogjust a little bit less.

Or if you want them to have the same size meals you need to tweak your ingredients a bit to reduce the calorie content of the meal don't give fatty beed mince and only use lean options, don't give the raw eggs etc.

Feed twice a day.Like humans, dogs require a certain number of calories on a daily basis in order to support their healthy metabolism. To help you figure out how many calories your dog should be getting on a daily basis, consider using a dog food calculator. As you may already know, all living things require calories as a unit of energy to support life. In the same way that the human body has a minimum daily calorie requirement called the basal metabolic rate, or MBRyour dog also has a minimum number of calories he needs to support his metabolism.

This number varies from one dog to another based on the age, sex, weight, and activity level. For example, if your dog weighs 22 pounds you would first convert that number to kilograms and get a body weight of 10kg. The RER of a pound dog is about calories per day. Remember, however, that this number is a minimum — it only accounts for the calories needed to support basic physiologic functions. Remember, different dog foods have different calorie content so you will still need to do some calculations of your own to determine exactly how much food your dog needs to meet his daily calorie needs.

You will find the calorie content on the dog food label, typically included in the guaranteed analysis. All dogs require a careful balance of nutrients in order to sustain healthy biological function. If you really want to make sure that your dog is getting the calories he needs, consider using a dog food calculator to find out.

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Calorie Calculator for Dogs

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Tagged as: calorie intakeDog Food Calculatorhealthy metabolismResting Energy Requirementthemetotal daily energy requirements. No, it's not an actually hobby, but if you're a dogNeed 1 on 1 help with raw feeding? Schedule a phone consultation today!

Beyond the Bowl Rawsome Resources Shop. Raw Feeding Calculators.

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PMR for Puppies. Select option Pounds Kilograms. Maintenance percentage is what is needed to calculate raw feeding ratios to maintain ideal body condition. Maintenance percentage varies on the puppy's age and activity. Total amount of food, in pounds, your puppy should receive daily. Total amount of food, in ounces, your puppy should receive daily. Total amount of food, in kilograms, your puppy should receive daily. Total amount of food, in grams, your puppy should receive daily. Total amount of muscle meat, in pounds, your puppy should receive daily.

Total amount of muscle meat, in ounces, your puppy should receive daily. Total amount of muscle meat, in kilograms, your puppy should receive daily. Total amount of muscle meat, in grams, your puppy should receive daily. Total amount of edible bone, in pounds, your puppy should receive daily. Total amount of edible bone, in ounces, your puppy should receive daily. Total amount of edible bone, in kilograms, your puppy should receive daily.

Total amount of edible bone, in grams, your puppy should receive daily. Total amount of liver, in pounds, your puppy should receive daily. Total amount of liver, in ounces, your puppy should receive daily.

Total amount of liver, in kilograms, your puppy should receive daily. Total amount of liver, in grams, your puppy should receive daily. Total amount of other organs, in pounds, your puppy should receive daily.

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Total amount of other organ, in ounces, your puppy should receive daily. Total amount of other organ, in kilograms, your puppy should receive daily. Total amount of other organ, in grams, your puppy should receive daily. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. PMR for Adult Dogs. Maintenance percentage varies on the dog's metabolism and activity.

Select Maintenance Percentage 1. Total amount of food, in pounds, your dog should receive daily. Total amount of food, in ounces, your dog should receive daily. Total amount of food, in kilograms, your dog should receive daily.Dog Food Calculator Step 1 Your dog's ideal weight. Using the meal calculator below is an incredible time saver and a cooking partner of sorts. Start by selecting the food source, entering the amount of ounces, and leave the rest to our app!

To add more, simply hit the Add Another button, and add to the creation of your meal. Also: We carry your dogs Daily Energy Requirement DER from the first calculator above, so you can always easily reference it as you are creating your pets meal.

This is the energy your dog needs to perform essential biological functions. Think digestion, heart functions, respiration, brain functions, etc.

To estimate your dogs total daily energy needs [1] and maintain a healthy body condition score, the resting energy requirement is modified; to adjust for your dogs activity level, life stage, and other corresponding factors. As you can imagine, a dog who does not move around a lot will have a smaller multiplier than say a K-9 police dog who works.

The modification is done by applying known multipliers [2]i.

Raw Food Feeding Calculator

The results are a rough estimate since no one knows your dog better than you and your vetof the amount of energy expressed in kilocalories your dog needs on a daily basis; to maintain their lifestyle. Important: The results are intended for adult dogs only. Please refrain from using them for growing puppies, pregnant or lactating dogs, and other unique scenarios.

A unit of food energy, equal to 1, c alories. Also known as 1 big C alorie. Confused yet? After you have entered your dogs ideal weight, their activity level, and hit Calculate above, you are presented with the daily energy requirement in the form of total kilocalories your dog needs per day. What to do? To spot it, look for one of the following on your dogs food label:.

From there, you simply take the total DER kcal from the calculated results above and decide how many cups to give your dog per serving. Because each dog is unique, not just in personality, but also in their nutritional needs and thus their serving size. Then compare it to our calculator, and adjust accordingly if need be. Finally: Yes, it requires a little effort on your part, but ultimately this is the best scientifically approved method to ensure your dog is getting their daily nutrition requirements.

Email address:. Here are some PDF charts you can reference at a quick glance for varying dog life stages and factors. If you decide to reference the puppy ones, please be aware that not all dogs mature and grow at the same pace.

Please review small breedsmedium breedslarge breedsand giant breeds to learn about their life stages before proceeding. Resting and daily energy requirement PDF charts [5] for:. Love the calculator!All customers want to know how much to feed their dog each day. These are also specifically designed around our food and their calorie contents rather than standard dog food. We have a table of average weights for popular breeds lower down the screen.

There is also a separate puppy feed calculator below our adult calculator. We have supplied some hints on standard breed weights. The cost is based on a delivery of 12kg.

Prices per kilo vary depending on chosen delivery size: the bigger the delivery the cheaper the kilo price. Puppies require different feed amounts depending on their age. Select weight and age and we display the feed volume per day.

Dog Food Calorie Calculator; How Much Should You Feed Your Dog?

You can simply wander into the vet practice and pop your dog onto their scales. You will get an accurate reading. If you want to do it at home, the best way is to stand on the scales without your dog and then stand on the scales with your dog and calculate the difference to get your dog weight.

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Breeds don't have a specific average weight. Males usually weight more than females and you might have a naturally small or large example of the breed. Our customers use our facebook group to talk dogs, cats and health. If you have a doggy question, join up and ask the experts. Raw Food Feeding Calculator. Our Adult Raw Feeding Calculator.

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Our Puppy feeding calculator. How to weigh your dog. What is the average breed weight? Get your first delivery today. Order Now. Discover what makes our food different.

Average breed weights. Breed Name Weight Kg Affenpinscher 3 - 3.How much should I feed my dog? Our dog calorie calculator can be used for dogs of all ages which makes it the perfect puppy food calculator as well. Our recipes are formulated by our team of veterinarians for complete, balanced nutrition.

If you are concerned about weight, we have daily recipes that are lighter by nature—as well as special diets lower in fat. Keep in mind that the number of treats you feed your dog a day on average will affect the results of the dog calorie calculator. Not sure what a healthy treat for your dog is? JustFoodForDogs offers a variety of healthy dog snacks that pets love.

Not only will our dog food calculator calculate a daily feeding guide with recommended calories per day and serving sizes, but it will also recommend a curated selection of our nutritious 1 vet-recommended dog food.

Our recipes are crafted by an incredible team of board-certified veterinary nutritionists, dermatologists, toxicologists, and scientists. You can also make your own homemade version with our DIY homemade dog food kits, using the same recipes as our fresh-frozen meals. Did you know that dogs and cats have different dietary needs? If you are a cat owner as well and understand the importance of providing your pet a whole-food diet, JustFoodForDog offers an incredible selection of nutritious cat food with restaurant-grade ingredients.

By using JustFoodForDogs. Virtual Consult. Profile Saved! Gender Male Female. Normal High. How many treats do you give your dog each day? Is your dog spayed or neutered? Just Right Has a clear waistline.

dog food calculator by breed

A little husky You can't feel the rib cage. Chubby You can grab the love handles. Email has been sent. Send me 's customized feeding plan. Your Name.

dog food calculator by breed

Your Email.How much you feed your dog every day depends on a number of factors including:. To use the raw dog food calculator please type in your dogs weight and select Adult or Puppy.

Raw Feeding Calculators

My Dogs Weight KG. Order Sample? Usually, puppies should be fed to appetite from weeks. From 7 weeks old please refer to the feeding guide below. Remember this is a guide and a common-sense approach is needed. Puppies should be lean and not over weight to protect their joints. Please use careful observation as your pup develops and call us for advice if necessary.

dog food calculator by breed

From 17 to 24 weeks of age reduce this to 3 meals a day. After this, 2 meals a day is preferable.

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Next, step back on the scales holding your dog. This time your combined weight is 85kg. Remember, every dog has a different metabolism and nutritional requirements, so feeding should be matched to their individual needs. Feeding guides are exactly that, guides! Once you are happy with the amount of raw dog food you need you can purchase your adult raw dog food or your puppy raw dog food with the information given. Bruno is a healthy adult dog that weighs 30kg.

This is his ideal weight and the weight that you want him to maintain. Most dogs will require the lower end and some the upper end.

We recommend starting at If you have a dog that is overweight or underweight then the food given can be adjusted as necessary. If your dog becomes fussy or stops eating raw, it's normally always a sign of overfeeding. This is VERY a very common mistake for owners to make when new to raw feeding. Remember that any treats should be given as part of the TOTAL daily feed allowance, not in addition to it.

Also, be mindful that the quality of the nutrition in our raw is such that dogs can often need what appears to be a small amount of food in comparison with a processed feed quantity. This means they eat to appetite. If you have any questions or need advice about any of the above, and want to talk to our team of experts, please contact us and we will be only too happy to help.

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